Chicken ('n' Biscuits) Pot Pie


OK, not exactly chicken pot pie...

But the biscuit topping pretty much banishes memories of a pastry crust.

And wow!  Is it easy!

Using butter instead of lard, and adding plenty of black pepper and minced chives, I made my usual biscuits... click below for the recipe...

Everything You Need to Know about Biscuits

...and reserved a few cut-but-unbaked biscuits for topping this delicious filling:

I gently sautéed some celery, onions, and carrots... all diced.  I chopped up some cooked chicken from dinner a few days earlier and threw it in the pan just to take the chill off.  Then I made a light velouté (essentially a béchamel made with stock) with chicken fat, flour, salt and pepper.  I added a little thyme from the garden and some frozen peas, poured this mixture into a baking dish, topped it all with the raw biscuits... and baked it in a pre-heated 450 oven for about 12 minutes (until the biscuits were done and the filling had started to bubble).

This is comfort food on steroids!  And virtually hassle free!  This would work equally well with other poultry, of course... maybe you have a bit of... Turkey!


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