It's Hamapalooza! Starting with Ham, Quinoa, and Potato Dauphinoise Burgers with Lime Mayo, Arugula, and Cabbage Salad

While I realize that not everyone lives in a home where ham is the ONLY acceptable Easter dinner, I am not one of them. Easter may be the only time I make a ham, but there is never any question about the dinner centerpiece for that holiday. 

While I love the Easter meal, I get even more excited by figuring out ways to use the rest of the ham. And since there are usually just two of us, there is a LOT of ham.  

Here is the first of a few of This Old Chef’s tried and true HAMAPALOOZA favorites...

Yep, you heard me.

I diced some ham.

I diced some of the Easter pommes dauphinoise or, in American, au gratin.  (Recipe Here...)

I added a bit of Dijon and mayo... an egg and some bread crumbs... some salt and pepper.

And then I remembered  I had some cooked quinoa, so I tossed some of that in as well.

Formed "burgers."  Coated them in cracker crumbs.  Fried them in EVOO.

Made a sauce of mayo, chives, and some lime juice.

Served them with my grandmother's classic cabbage salad (click below)... and some undressed arugula.

Cabbage Salad

Wow.  These are stellar.



I just want to remind you...

Your Easter ham is a treasure trove, not a burden.


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