Cabbage Salad

My father's mother made a truly great simple cabbage salad.  I know, everyone else called it "coleslaw..."

Take a head of  regular old green cabbage and cut out the tough core.  Then shred the cabbage either in a food processor using the shredding disk, or on the fine side of a box grater.  You want very small pieces... not long shreds.  Add a little Hellman's... sorry, this is not the place for Miracle Whip... (IS there any place for Miracle Whip??)... not a ton:  just to moisten, not to drown... a touch of salt and pepper, and some celery seeds - that's it.  The celery seeds' bitterness helps to cut the mayo.  And best of all, my grandmother always served it in this cool VERY old Chinese bowl she had brought back from her travels.  A great lesson in making something as simple as cabbage special.  Even though one of the other grandchildren inherited that bowl, I still serve it in as lovely a bowl as I have on hand.

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