Perfect Halibut with Fried Capers, Buttered Orzo, Chives, and Greens from the Garden


Sometimes the universe is a lovely thing.

The test kitchen gave me a perfect piece of first-of-the-season wild halibut, frozen at sea.

OMG.  Gorgeous.

And with fish this perfect, first, Do No Harm!!!

I salted and peppered it.

I sautéed it in butter and EVOO until golden.  About 2 minutes a side.  Try not to overcook.

A very very simple sauce of melted butter in which I fried capers.

Greens from the garden.  Barely dressed.

Buttered orzo.

Tons of chives.


Really...  Heaven.

This fish is a rare treat.  When you have the chance...  DO IT!!! (but do it simply)

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