Perfect Christmas Cookies! Melting Moments!

Mother's other "famous" Christmas cookie contribution was the "Melting Moment."

I know these are seriously out of fashion... but I don't care...

The texture is sooooooooo different from most cookies... because of the cornstarch.  But it's the very, very lemony glaze that's the game changer.

Try them... and let me know!



Melting Moments


⅔ C Cornstarch

½ C 10X Sugar

1 C AP Flour

1 C Unsalted butter

Roll into balls.  Chill or freeze.  Bake at 325° for 15 minutes.

When thoroughly cooled, glaze with a smooth mixture of

⅛ C Unsalted butter

1 Cup 10X Sugar

2 T Fresh lemon juice

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