Why You Should Be Buying Whole Spices... Not Ground!

If you missed this piece on foodandwine.com, check it out!  And add this to your New Year's resolutions!

Puff Pastry Is A Miracle!

Back in October, when MyRecipes asked me to write a piece about some of the ways to use puff pastry, I realized just how much I love it!  I mean, really, who doesn't love puff pastry?

And I won't even force you to make it... you can use frozen!

Surviving the Death of a Refrigerator

Surviving the Death of a Refrigerator

Somehow it's hard to imagine - proactively - the death of an appliance.  Just before the holidays, we lost both our refrigerator and our gas range within weeks of each other, and only 16 years after the purchase of our beautiful old Victorian on the Hudson...

Clearly, nothing lasts any more.

Here's how we coped...


Ginger- and Molasses-Glazed Root Vegetables

I'm grateful to say that I've been way too busy over these past several weeks!  That said, I am finally sharing a piece of mine that appeared in the Thanksgiving 2019 issue of Food&Wine...  This recipe is one of my all-time favorites, and perfect for any wintertime table.


Save Your Precious Time, My Friends... Freeze Those Grains and Beans!

I want to share another article I wrote recently for MyRecipes, and I think you'll find it a game-changer... especially if you think there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Some Ridiculous Things I Never Want to Hear a TV Chef Say Again...

Call it petty, but we all have that thing that turns us into a grouch.  This is mine.

Why Buying a Chest Freezer Is Absolutely Worth It!

It's the key to shopping and cooking smarter, not harder!


Terms of Endearment... A Valentine's Day Dinner for Two!

Theory of Relat(+)ivity - A Retro Feast

Hummus - Spread The Love!

Thai Crab Cakes

Five Ways with Hamburgers

Five Ways with Mashed Potatoes

Five Ways with Summer Corn

Five Ways with Tomato Sauce