Spicy, Soothing Thai Green Curry Noodles

We were both craving something spicy.  The week had been hellacious...

And it was only Wednesday.

So, though Asia seemed to be calling, making a big pot of rice held less than no appeal.


I heated a can of good coconut milk with about 2T of my favorite green curry paste, then added some sugar, soy sauce, fish sauce, toasted ground cumin, and a hefty shake of red pepper flakes.  I boiled a pound of linguini and, while that cooked, I minced about 3/4C Thai basil and 1/2C peanuts. 

I drained and added the almost cooked noodles to the coconut milk mixture, added a little bit of the basil, and continued to cook until the pasta was done.

Then I plated it in hot bowls... topped it with some sliced scallions, lime zest, peanuts, Thai basil, and a sprinkle of the ground cumin... and served. 

All of the fun of Thai Curry in 10 minutes!  This one’s a keeper.  And you could also add chicken, shrimp, or ground meat...

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