Incendiary Chicken Curry

I had some chicken breast (1 small breast and a small piece I had trimmed off the 2nd breast) that I needed to use, and the curry craving was strong. 

I cut the chicken into about ¾ inch cubes and put it in a bowl with 2T microplaned garlic, and 2T microplaned ginger.  To that, I added a splash of oil, 1T Kashmiri Chili Powder, a pinch (or more) of red pepper flakes, a pinch of ground toasted cumin seed, 2t garam masala (or a good curry powder), a pinch of ground coriander, a small pinch of cinnamon, and a bit of smoked salt. I mixed this well and set it aside for a half an hour or so. 

In a saucier, I cooked 1 minced medium onion in 2T vegetable oil on low heat for about half an hour, until the onions were turning a deep golden brown.  And then I added some turmeric and 1T good tomato paste.  After cooking this for 2 minutes, I added the chicken, a heaping tablespoon of grainy mustard, and all of the marinade with the heat remaining low.  Whenever the mixture looked dry, I added small splashes of chicken stock.  As usual, I tasted constantly (and I did add a bit more salt and red pepper flakes as well as a lot of freshly ground black pepper).  Then I turned it off and let it sit, because, like any  stew, the flavors needed time to get acquainted!  When dinner time rolled around, I made some basmati rice, reheated the curry, and served it together in hot bowls. Just before taking the bowls to the table, I garnished with cilantro (leaves and tender stems) and a good sprinkling of poppy seeds. 

This was one of those sit at the table and talk forever meals.  Try it!  Heat levels are obviously up to you, but the heat is half the fun.

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