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The Remains of the Day Redux! Silky & Elegant Risotto with Turkey!

Posted on November 24, 2017 with 0 comments


Turkey & Sage Risotto

I love risotto.  Period.

From my first taste YEARS ago, right up until today.  But... I don't like the idea of risotto as a dumping ground.  If you want to add things... there's a method.  Therefore...

I had great turkey stock... I had beautifully cooked turkey breast... I had chopped onions... So...

I started as I would any risotto: I sautéed the onions in EVOO... added the Arborio rice and some chopped sage... added some white wine... and then began the gradual additions of hot turkey stock (augmented with a bit of hot water because the stock was VERY strong), and, at the last moment, I added diced turkey... then a large (2 T) piece of unsalted butter... turned off the heat and added Grana Padano.

This is comfort food to the Nth degree... and it in no way tasted like...

The dreaded... L WORD!!!

Originally posted on November 28, 2012

Turkey, Duxelles and Sage Risotto with White Truffle Oil

Turkey Risotto... always one of my favorite dishes...

Though I am NOT a believer in the "dump anything in" school of risotto making!

Having said that, the idea of a turkey risotto with some sage and duxelles sounded pretty good, especially since I had some wonderful turkey stock on hand. 

The duxelles should go in early, after the second or third addition of simmering stock. The sage can go in early as well... It's a hardy, hearty herb and it can withstand long cooking. But I have a little trick:  I add some chopped sage early, and reserve some to toss in during the last few minutes. Try it... you'll see.

The turkey should go in only long enough to reheat... It is sooooo cooked already.

And because I have wonderful friends who give me amazing gifts, I finished this risotto off with a very, very tiny drizzle of white truffle oil.  This is one case where less is indeed more.

Did it work?  You bet!  When the ingredients are good, and gently handled, the offerings after Thanksgiving can be "better than the original"!!!

Originally posted on December 7, 2013


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