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Springtime Risotto

Posted on April 8, 2019 with 0 comments


I had a number of “bits” from the test kitchen.

Half an onion, half a zucchini, a few multicolored baby peppers.

And a big bag o' dill... Thanks, Renae!

And I am so damned ready for spring that a primavera-y risotto seemed just the ticket...

I minced and sautéed the onions (in EVOO and BUTTER) added some Arborio... sautéed that for a bit... poured in the white wine... simmered and stirred relentlessly, adding hot chicken stock as needed.  And here’s a good place for a little salt and pepper.  You can always add a bit more later.

When it all appeared to me to be about 60% there, I added the minced baby peppers and diced zucchini, and a big handful of (still) frozen peas.

Once everybody tasted done, I cut the fire, tossed in a knob of butter, whipped the risotto until the butter melted, added Parmigiano, and then... the pièce de résistance... about 1/3 C chopped dill. 

OK, it may still feel like winter in Yonkers, but this absolutely delicious veg risotto made spring seem a lot closer.  And dill is a great surprise ingredient!