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Shrimp Sale! Thai Shrimp Risotto!

Posted on September 6, 2019 with 0 comments



As we have previously established, these are words that get me very excited.

And these babies were the right size and in beautiful shape AND wild caught.  So we got a pound.  That’s two dinners in a row.  But my recent desire to add to the rotation was still in full swing, so...

Thai Shrimp Risotto!

First, I cleaned and de-veined all of the shrimp (making the second night easier!) and set them aside in the fridge.  Then, I put 4C of chicken stock on to simmer.  But I ramped up the flavor by adding the shrimp shells and three smashed lemongrass stalks from the yard.  (Really, grow your own lemongrass, it's easy and beautiful!)

Next, I sautéed one minced onion and, when it was soft, I added about a tablespoon of grated ginger and an equal amount of garlic, and minced fresh hot dragon cayenne pepper (add as much/little as you wish).

When all of that was fragrant, in went approximately 1C Arborio rice, which I gently sautéed for 2 minutes.  Then, in went the white wine... reduced it... and then started with the stock...

About 5 minutes before it was done, I swirled in 2T green curry paste... 1T Red Boat fish sauce... a pinch of brown sugar... then half of the shrimp.  The shrimp (really) take only 3-4 minutes!!  Turned off the heat, added a nice handful of julienned Thai basil from the garden and, instead of the traditional butter enrichment at the end, I stirred in about 1/4C coconut milk.  As an extra funky fillip, we LIGHTLY dusted the tops of the plated dishes with Red Boat Salt.

Folks, if these past few months have taught me anything, it's this:  think outside your food box!

This was an extraordinary mashup of Thai and Italian that paid tribute to each without getting muddled.  It was really one of our favorite dinners and will be made again and again!


What to make with the other half pound of the shrimp?!?!?