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Schweineschnitzel (Ja, Sicher, Lean Pork Schnitzel!) mit Brown Rice und Cabbage Salad

Posted on May 29, 2017 with 0 comments

There are times when one must confront one's fears.

Now I have always loved bacon, sausage, and various Asian preparations using ground pork.  But solid slabs of pork - tenderloin, chops, roasts, et al. - have invariably caused a level of gastrointestinal distress that I'll refrain from describing to you...

But a sale of Stew's "naked" pork chops made me think it might, just might, be time to give it another try.

I took one fairly thin boneless chop, trimmed the fat, and butterflied it... then separated the two halves.  I then pounded the two pieces fairly thin (next time, thinner!), and then followed my usual schnitzel procedure...

In the meantime, I melted some butter, added lemon zest and chopped capers, and set that aside.  I melted a bit of butter in some EVOO, got it hot but not smoking, added the pork, cooked about 3 minutes a side... removed them... deglazed with a spash of white wine... then added the lemon caper butter.

I served the pork on hot plates, topped with the sauce, alongside brown rice and my grandmother's cabbage salad...

... along with some early season chives.

I'm happy to report that not only was it delicious, I had absolutely no... "distress..."

Maybe I've finally grown out of it!!!