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Sautéed Shrimp with Tarragon Garlic Sauce, Succotash and Rice

Posted on September 28, 2018 with 0 comments

OK.  So sue me.  I’m old-fashioned.

Sale on shrimp.

Over-abundance of tarragon in the yard.

Corn from the test kitchen.

And some remarkable hot sauce as well.

I made a huge batch of rice so Charlie could have the veal stew I tested on Friday for lunch ALL WEEK.  And having that rice put me in mind of some kind of rice dish... including the sale shrimp and the tarragon.  So...

I sautéed some garlic, added white wine and stock, reduced it to nothing and set it aside.

I barely cooked the shrimp in butter, took it off the heat, and added the garlic sauce along with a lot of tarragon.  When it was cool, I added 1/2 C sour cream.  While this continued cooling, I sautéed some cooked lima beans and raw corn (off the cob) in butter, then added some minced sage, salt, and a tablespoon of hot sauce (you can use red pepper flakes or minced fresh hot peppers).

Salivating, I plated some of the hot rice... the succotash... and the gently reheated shrimp and sauce... along with a sprinkling of more minced tarragon.

This is wildly old-fashioned.  And wildly delicious.

New is not necessarily better.

Old is not necessarily worse.

Cook what makes you happy.

This made us REALLY happy.