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Bitter Greens Frittata

Posted on January 9, 2019 with 0 comments


I had all these gorgeous bitter greens from a shoot... frisée, endive, arugula.

We’d used some of them for a delicious salad, but more remained.



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Stop What You're Doing and Make These!!!

Seriously.  I love all the traditional Christmas cookies.  But I'm telling you:  make chocolate shortbread and bring those elves to their knees!

These come from Chef Extraordinaire Bob Chambers.  You will never, I guarantee, eat another chocolate cookie without thinking about these chocolate shortbreads...

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I have always been helpless when confronted with a plate of shortbread...

And it's a perfect bite, any time of year!


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Mother's other "famous" Christmas cookie contribution was the "Melting Moment."

I know these are seriously out of fashion... but I don't care...




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Forgive me.

The switch from "after Thanksgiving" foods to Christmas prep can induce whiplash...

But it's almost mid-December!

So let's get going, people...






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