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Posted on August 19, 2017 with 0 comments

Not a real post, just a quick reminder...

The more you (correctly) prune basil...

The more it grows!

Three weeks ago, I harvested, and made about 10 CUPS of pesto...





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Two! Two! Two Pizzas in One!

Posted on August 17, 2017 with 0 comments

My go-to pizza dough makes enough dough for two pizzas.

Yes, I could halve the recipe.

Yes, I could (and often do) freeze half.

But sometimes, I need to pamper the two of us.

It had been a tough few weeks.  So it was PAMPER TIME!

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When you receive a perfect piece of first-of-the-season Alaskan halibut, you know you must build a very special dinner around it.  It may not be specifically a special occasion, but a piece of fish like that makes it one!

I made a cup of wild rice... with leeks from the test kitchen...

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Not yo' mama's take out!

I came home from the test kitchen with 4 thin(ish) slices of beautiful roast tenderloin, and some scallions...

I had broccoli in the fridge, along with some cooked rice...

Time for some delicious homemade "Take Out"!







Not yo mamas take out!


I came home from the test kitchen with 4 thin (ish) slices of beautiful roast tenderloin, and some scallions. I had broccoli in the fridge, along with some cooked rice. "Take out" seem d the way to go!

As with all stir fry...get your mise en place ready first.

I sliced about 6 scallions.

I stacked and sliced the tenderloin into thin strips.

I minced a lot of ginger and garlic.

I mixed 1T cornstarch with 1/2 C stock and a shot of soy sauce.

I Blanched and shocked some broccoli florets.

Time to fry!

I heated some oil ( not a lot) until shimmering.....added the drained still crisp broccoli and fried about three minutes...added the ginger and garlic.....another minute....added 1/2 the scallions And then the stock mixture. Being cornstarch based, it thickened be watchful and prepared to add a bit of plain stock or water if need be.

Then I tossed in the beef....just long enough to reheat it.....tasted it....added a splash of sesame oil....and ladled it over the hot rice....topped with more scallions....and a few leaves of cilantro.

Take out NEVER tasted like this!

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OK.  Fine.

Awful name.

But this really is one of my favorite ways to eat in the summer!

Make a few small batches of grains...


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