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Mother's other "famous" Christmas cookie contribution was the "Melting Moment."

I know these are seriously out of fashion... but I don't care...




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Forgive me.

The switch from "after Thanksgiving" foods to Christmas prep can induce whiplash...

But it's almost mid-December!

So let's get going, people...






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As always, this year I'm determined to come up with some new ways to use the Remains of the (Thanksgiving) Day...

Not that I don’t love the annual progression of favorites!!

I spied a bag of flour tortillas in the fridge...



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I love risotto.  Period.

So here are two of my favorite recipes for risotto featuring turkey!

The first is a simple, silky Turkey & Sage Risotto...

And the second is a truly elegant Turkey, Duxelles and Sage Risotto with a drizzle of White Truffle Oil...

Dive in!

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THE use... THE comfort food... using the remains of the turkey... probably my personal fave... because when all is said and done, I'm a simple Midwesterner who's Irish on all sides (and I do mean ALL sides).



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