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Millionaire's Risotto

Posted on February 15, 2018 with 0 comments


This is just a quickie, folks.  But, oh boy, what a quickie!

I had the opportunity to bring home a few tablespoons of foie gras from the test kitchen.  Not really enough to do anything... right?


I decided on an experiment.  (Experiment?  Moi??)

First I made my most basic risotto...

When it was time to add the wine, I did... but I also added a splash each of sherry and brandy, wines that pair beautifully with... you guessed it... foie!

My homemade chicken stock is unsalted, so, instead of regular kosher salt, I added a pinch of my homemade porcini salt and lots of black pepper.

And then... at the moment when I would normally mantecare with butter... I substituted a heaping tablespoon of the foie gras.  And, as I’d hoped, it immediately melted into the risotto.  The aroma was so glorious I just started laughing like a crazy person.

Hot bowls, Parmigiano, a shower of parsley...

This was just ridiculously wonderful, and we kept laughing all the way through dinner.

Happy Valentine's Day indeed!!!