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Get-It-While-It's-Hot Chicken Schnitzel! (with Shallots, Capers, Herbs, and Dragon Cayenne on White Rice)

Posted on September 11, 2018 with 0 comments


I know, I know... I make schnitzel a LOT.

It’s fast.

It’s absolutely delicious.

And if you fry and sauce mindfully, it’s not at all bad for you.

So there.

This started out with my usual chicken schnitzel...  I'm a firm believer that chickens are bred with too much breast meat these days, so I use just half of one to serve us both when making schnitzel.

It's plenty.

I sliced the half breast like a book, separated the "leaves," pounded them thin, salted and peppered them, dusted them with flour, dipped them in egg white (sometime, just save out 1 egg white when making an extra rich breakfast of scrambled eggs... the extra yolk makes a huge difference), and then coated them in fresh bread crumbs (just buzz leftover pieces of baguette in the processor).  These get a quick sauté in EVOO and butter.  When the schnitzels are done, I set them on a plate in a 350° oven.

Now, I always like to start the sauce separately... and it was a game changer!  Sauté some minced shallots in EVOO along with some rinsed salt-packed capers and a whole dragon cayenne, minced.  When everybody looks and smells good, add a big splash of white wine and reduce it.  Just before serving, toss in 3 (or more) T unsalted butter.  And Let. It. Melt.

I was able to reheat some white rice from the fridge.  (Be Your Own Sous Chef 101!)

Place the schnitzel atop the rice...  Pour the sauce on...  Scatter basil and chives.