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Bonanza! (Filet Mignon in a Brandy and Shallot Cream Sauce with Cracked Black Pepper, Sauteed Potatoes in Truffle Oil, and Seared Squash

Posted on September 16, 2017 with 0 comments

The test kitchen is a remarkable place.  For many reasons.  One, of course, is getting to bring home "ingredients," both raw and already prepared, waiting to be "re-purposed."

Yesterday was one of those bonanza days.  We had potatoes and summer squash... raw, but sliced, oiled, salted and peppered.  So these were the sides.  I flashed the squash over very high heat to sear them without allowing them to turn to mush, as squash and zucchini are wont to do.

I cubed the potatoes and sautéed them until golden and tossed them with some truffle oil.   Yes, truffle oil.

I began to build a sauce:  minced and sautéed 2 shallots, added A LOT of very coarsely cracked pepper... tossed in a good shot of brandy... let it reduce... added heavy cream... lowered the heat, and simmered.

And now, Dear Reader, we come to the reason for all of this prep... on a Thursday.

We needed filet.  Four (4!) picture-perfect pieces of Beef Perfection.  Unwrapping them, we discovered that our local, very famous emporium of high-priced healthy comestibles had given us four misshapen, badly butchered pieces instead.

So I ran out to buy four more.  These were indeed perfect... beautiful, equal weight and size, pretty as a picture.  I got to take two of the "ugly" ones home.  Ugly?  Yes.  But still...

I salted, heavily peppered, and EVOO'd them.  In a frighteningly hot cast iron pan, I seared them for about 3 minutes per side.  Sauced them.  Added the sides.  Sprinkled them with parsley.

This was old school, after all.  Opened up a delicious Zin, also from the magazine...

And we pretended this random Thursday was February 14 and December 25 rolled into one.

Oh Joy, O Bliss...  And I'm not even that much of a meat eater!!!  Except today...