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Bitter Greens Frittata

Posted on January 9, 2019 with 0 comments

I had all these gorgeous bitter greens from a shoot... frisée, endive, arugula.  We’d used some of them for a delicious salad, but more remained.


I minced an onion and started to sauté it in EVOO. Then I added a yellow summer squash I had in the fridge (halved, quartered, and chopped).  After this combo sizzled away for a few minutes, I added the chopped greens... about 2 C mixed more or less... and cooked them until they got very liquid-y, then kept going until they dried out a bit.  I took this off the heat and put it on a large plate to cool.

Next I added salt and pepper, and when it was all fairly cool, I added about 1/3 C grated cheese “ends” that I had in the fridge from the weekend.  These happened to be cheddar and Gruyère, but any cheeses that you like would be fine.

All of this mixture went into a nonstick skillet (big enough that the mixture wasn’t layered too thickly... with enough room to add eggs!) and, speaking of eggs, I beat six large eggs and poured them on top of the greens mixture... stirred the whole thing, greens and all... and cooked it on fairly low heat until the bottom just started to set and the center, while still wet, was not completely liquid.  I grated some Parmigiano over the top and put it under the broiler.

This is one of those times you may not walk away!  Browned cheese is great, browned eggs are not.

Keep taking it out, shaking it gently, and the minute it’s all pretty firm, remove it from the oven.  You may now walk away for at least five minutes.

Really.  It’ll still be warm, but it will have had a chance to set.

Slice, serve, and thank me!  This is like a crustless quiche without the heavy cream but, believe me, you won’t miss the crust or the cream.  And you all know how much I love me some cream!