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A Tale of Potatoes in Red Wine (with Chorizo)

Posted on April 20, 2018 with 0 comments


Charlie and I have lived together for 40 years.

I do 99% of the cooking.

Early on, I terrified him with the food I made... a chili that included broccoli and corn, for example.  But he soldiered on and expanded his culinary horizons.

And I learned to cook.

However, there remains one thing I made years ago that still induces shudders in him.  It was something I used to have in the residence hall at York University in Toronto:  a griddled, grated potato-and-onion, diner-style side with red wine.

So I tried to make it.  I did not succeed.  Rawish potatoes, harsh red wine, horribly under-seasoned...  It was just awful.

But I still dream of this combo.  It really was tasty (to my 19-year-old self).

The other day, while I was watching a food show, some chef mentioned potatoes with red wine.  We laughed out loud...  But my mind started racing...

Then I was given some chorizo from the test kitchen, and suddenly a light bulb went off!

So I peeled and "chunked" 4 potatoes, put them in water and nuked them until almost fork tender, and then sautéed them in EVOO until golden and set them aside.

In another pan, I sautéed 1 sliced onion until golden, then added 2 equally chunked chorizo and browned them.  I threw in a few minced garlic cloves and a hefty splash of red wine... you heard me!!!  I let that simmer away, and the wine reduced to a deep red chorizo-y glaze.

The only seasonings were salt and tons of black pepper.

At the very last moment, I re-warmed the potatoes and added the chorizo/wine mixture.

I placed it in front of Charlie.  He started laughing when he realized it was yet another attempt at potatoes and red wine.

Then he tasted it.  And I can now relax.

I DID IT!  It wasn’t the diner dish from Toronto, but it incorporated many of the tastes.  And it was delicious.  And it was simple.

And... he wants it again!

Victory is mine, sayeth This Old Chef!!!!!