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SHRIMP SALE!  (Part 2)

Well, last night was the wildly successful Thai Shrimp Risotto.  Since I had set myself an awfully high bar, I wanted to travel somewhere NOT in Asia or Italy for tonight's dinner.

I had just seen a post by the extraordinary Emily Nunn...

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Shrimp Sale! Thai Shrimp Risotto!

Posted on September 6, 2019 with 0 comments



As we have previously established, these are words that get me very excited.

And these babies were the right size and in beautiful shape AND wild caught.

So we got a pound...



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OK...  You'll need to bear with me.

I have written plays that have been performed from coast to coast.

I've written food articles for national publications...







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"Greek" Shrimp with Orzo (Not Ouzo!)

Posted on August 11, 2019 with 0 comments


Sale on shrimp!

But we were both interested in trying something a little different from our usual (and beloved) linguine with shrimp...




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Read this one!

Because the chances of our ever having a piece of meat like this again are pretty much slim to none!!!

It’s not often... OK, only once... when the love of your life turns 65.

He asked for grilled meat of some sort and a baked potato.

Now, Dear Readers, as you know, this is not a frequent request nor is it something in my comfort zone.  But when the once-in-a-lifetime thing comes into play, ya gotta do...

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