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Pizza alla Bolognese!

Posted on August 9, 2018 with 0 comments


OK.  I know.  I often post pizza.  Because I often MAKE pizza.

But this one really deserves a post because it was particularly wonderful, and it's been a couple of years since I discovered the joys of tasting some of this great (Italian) gravy on pizza!

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A Different Greek Salad

Posted on August 8, 2018 with 0 comments


I love all of the ingredients in a typical “Greek” salad... which is actually a wonderful Greek-American invention...

And the kalamata olives are central...  Dark, meaty, salty, earthy...

Or ARE they???

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Sometimes the universe is a lovely thing.

The test kitchen gave me a perfect piece of first-of-the-season wild halibut, frozen at sea.

OMG.  Gorgeous.

And with fish this perfect,

First, Do No Harm!!!

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REALLY Good Avocado Salad

Posted on July 18, 2018 with 0 comments


We had avocados.

The garden was overflowing with young greens.

I had chickpeas.

I had some mixed grated cheeses.

I had kalamata olives.

And it was hot.



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Bow "Thai" Pasta

Posted on July 16, 2018 with 1 comment


Bow "Thai" Pasta!

Yes, I really went there.

We wanted Thai.  I wasn’t in the mood to make rice.

Hmmmm...  I had a scathingly brilliant idea...



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