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"These mustard greens are way too strong.  They're like wasabi.  David... Do you want them?"

Some variation on that scene happens frequently in the test kitchen.

And it often results in some of my favorite meals.

Case in point...

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As with my stand on risotto, I don't like the idea of panini as a dumping ground for leftover food.


When you inventory the fridge and find that you have the remains of a fine roast French chicken, as we did...

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There are times when one must confront one's fears.

Now I have always loved bacon, sausage, and various Asian preparations using ground pork.  But solid slabs of pork - tenderloin, chops, roasts, et al. - have invariably caused...

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There was a chicken breast, thawed, demanding to be used.

There were diced potatoes.

And the garden had just started the spring herb overflow.

Tortilla time!



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